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Backstops are used extensively on pumps used in the primary and secondary cooling systems of power generating equipment.
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Installation tips of One Way Bearing

Installation tips of One Way Bearing

Have Read 50210/24/2015

Installation tips of One Way Bearing


1.The reason for short-lived or loss of accuracy of a bearing, to a considerable extent, is that it isn’t installed in the right way which is strict accordance with the requirements for installation.

In order to ensure service life of bearing, we should pay attention to the common problems in the installation.

2.We should keep the bearing and machine clean, if with something such as burr, iron filing and dust on the surface of them, the bearing  will make huge noise and vibration, even damage the raceways and rolling element when running,


3.To protect the bearing from being corroded, we usually coat it with anti-rust oil or antirust grease,

Before installed, the bearing must be clean with pure gasoline and kerosene, then, we should use high quality or heat-resistant lubricant, and after that, we can use it.

But, some kinds of bearings, which sealed or coated with dual-purpose oil or grease for corrosion and lubrication,


4.We need to choose the right lubricant. Grease is made of base oil, thickener and additive. Performances of different kinds or brands of lubricant are different,

5.  Advantage of using a heater: it is fast, reliable and tidy to make temperature of the bearing up to the required degree. By heating the inner ring will make installation easier. 

6.It is important to control the heating temperature, to high will damage the bearing, and to low can not work obviously.

7.We should install the bearing as soon as possible once the temperature up to a perfect degree,

8.Skilled, quick and accurate. one-way bearing during cooling will shrink in width direction, so  we need to press inner ring.

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