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Backstops are used extensively on pumps used in the primary and secondary cooling systems of power generating equipment.
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How to Maximize the Life of the TN Bearing

How to Maximize the Life of the TN Bearing

Have Read 10207/02/2020

1. Size Limitation

  The space in which TN bearings can be mounted is limited.In most cases, it is based on mechanical design or other design limitations.The main size table of the scale bearing is compiled according to the international size of the internal diameter.

  There are many dimensions of bearing. In the design of mechanical devices, it is better to use instruments to measure the precision dimensions of bearing and bearing load. The load applied on the bearing is variable in nature, size and direction.Normally, the rated base load is shown on the size sheet.But axial load and radial load and so on, is the choice of suitable bearing important factors.When ball bearing and needle bearing size match, the bearing usually has a higher load capacity and can withstand greater vibration and impact load.

2. Bearing Speed

  The speed is determined by bearing type, size, precision, cage type, load, lubrication, and cooling.The bearing table lists the speed of the scale precision bearing under oil lubrication and grease lubrication.Usually cylindrical roller bearings are used in high-speed operation of the equipment.

3. Tolerance of TN Bearing

  The bearing size accuracy and rotation accuracy are based on ISO and JIS scales.For machines requiring high precision and high speed operation, it is recommended to use bearings of grade 4 or above for machines with high precision operation.Rigid, when the bearing and raceway contact surface pressure, will produce elastic deformation.Some machines need to minimize elastic deformation.

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