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Backstops are used extensively on pumps used in the primary and secondary cooling systems of power generating equipment.
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How to install one way roller bearing?

How to install one way roller bearing?

Have Read 44507/24/2019

The main function of rolling bearing is to support rotating parts, transfer load, reduce the friction between moving pairs and make them rotate flexibly.

How to install one way roller bearing?

1) Wash the bearing with kerosene, press into the bearing seat, fill the roller of the outer ring with shell no. 3 lithium grease to two-thirds full, smear evenly with clean hand, install the NTN bearing gland, and press the bearing gland with  fastening bolt coated with bolt sealant.

2) The bearing is a cylindrical roller bearing with detachable inner and outer sleeves, and inner sleeves should be set on the rotating shaft and in position;

3) Install the bearing block on the housing. If there is grease filling hole, it must be aligned with the position.Tighten the bearing seat with fastening bolts coated with anti-loosening bolt;

4)The internal and external eccentric blocks shall be installed on the rotating shaft and in position. Those with shaft keys shall install the shaft keys into the keyway and then install the external eccentric blocks. The shaft shall be installed on the rotating shaft with the retaining ring;

5) Tighten the fastening bolt of the fixed eccentric block, rotate the adjustable eccentric block to reach the Angle position before unloading, and tighten the fastening bolt. After the above assembly is completed, the rotating shaft should have certain axial serial movement;

6) Install the protective cover on both ends of the vibrating motor and tighten them with screws. 

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