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Backstops are used extensively on pumps used in the primary and secondary cooling systems of power generating equipment.
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Talking about the selection requirements of bearings

Talking about the selection requirements of bearings

Have Read 61112/05/2018

From the perspective of using life, the bearing selection requirements are:

(1) Select the bearing model with high load capacity .

Bearing selection should take the bearing cost into account , or use a bearing with a higher load capacity but more expensive, or use ordinary bearings to try to extend its life.

Use bearings with high load capacity, such as cylindrical roller bearings with crown, spherical roller bearings with symmetrical rollers, reinforced tapered roller and ball bearings, modified ball bearings with ball groove, or 70,000CD The series of bearings replace deep groove (single row centripetal) ball bearings. These bearings with high load capacity may have higher fatigue life due to improved stress distribution or due to the larger number of rolling elements.

(2) Choose the right bearing size

In order to properly size the bearing, the bearing's working load, speed and operating temperature must be accurately calculated or actually checked.

The load has the greatest impact on bearing life, so the load is the most difficult to measure, but it should be measured as accurately as possible. When the load measurement is difficult, the actual power consumption of the motor can be measured, and the power loss along the path is calculated according to the transmission route until the bearing load is calculated to be closer to the actual. If the calculated or measured load is too large, the expected fatigue life of the bearing must be reduced to a greater extent and must be remedied. If the installation location allows, the bearing with the larger size can be selected; if the radial size is limited, the wider bearing should be selected if there is a wider bearing; if the wider bearing cannot be used, the load carrying capacity can be changed. Higher bearing.

(3) Choosing the right bearing material

The choice of bearing material should also take its price into account, and when it is necessary to use vacuum smelting or electroslag remelting steel, it must be noted that the lubrication conditions must be perfected to double the expected fatigue life of the bearing. Of course, the cost of needle roller bearings made of such high-quality steel is much more expensive than the selection of bearings with higher load capacity, but for bearings that are difficult to access and difficult to assemble and disassemble in machines, or used in mines and tunnels. Bearings, where maintenance is extremely difficult, sometimes you must still consider using

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