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Backstops are used extensively on pumps used in the primary and secondary cooling systems of power generating equipment.
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1000000 pieces of GE joint bearings were shipped to Russian

1000000 pieces of GE joint bearings were shipped to Russian

Have Read 62712/31/2015

1000000 pieces of GE joint bearings were shipped to Russian—27/12/2015

GE series Spherical Plain Bearing are Popular with Russian Market. On December 27th, 2015, 1000000 pieces of GE series spherical plain bearings were shipped to Russian, discharged on the port of ST.PETERSBURG. Before place an order, we post samples to customer to test the quality of the products. 


Pherical Plain Bearings utilize inner & outer rings with spherical sliding surfaces, and can accommodate heavy radial loads & bi-directional axial loads at the same time. They are produced in a wide variety of designs & materials to satisfy diverse demands such as those in the automation, construction, mining, transportation, off-highway equipment, farming & machine tool applications.

Standard designs utilize carbon chromium steel on steel which is hardened, phosphated and treated with Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) to reduce friction. Most designs can be relubricated through annular grooves & lubrication holes in the outer rings.


Operating Temperatures

The operating temperature range for Spherical Plain Bearings with seals is -20° to +250°F. The operating range for Spherical Plain Bearings without seals is -50° to +300°F.


Steel-on-steel Spherical Plain Bearings are coated with MoSp dry lubricant & can be operated without lubrication when the magnitude of applied load is small and the sliding velocity of oscillation is small. In other applications, it is necessary to lubricate periodically with grease or oil. During initial operations, it is recommended to shorten the lubrication interval. Lithium soap base grease (NLGI consistency No. 2) containing molybdenum disulfide (MoSp) is recommended as the lubricating grease.

When operating conditions are such that enhanced sealing protection against dust, contaminants or corrosive elements is required, the bearings can be effectively protected if the space around the bearing is filled with grease.


Internal Clearance

Internal clearance is defined as the total distance through which one ring can be moved radially or axially in relation to the other ring under a defined load. It is necessary to distinguish between the clearance before it is mounted, and the clearance of a mounted bearing. The unmounted clearance will always be greater than the operational clearance because the rings are expanded or compressed by interference fits of mating components.


Dump Trucks

Hinge Pin between truck bed & frame – GEZ Series

Mobile Hydraulic Cylinders: Clevis on one or both ends of cylinder - GE/GEZ Series

Front End Loaders

Clevis/Shovel Connection – GEZ Series

Articulated Joint – GEZ Series

Mobile Hydraulic Cylinders: Clevis on one or both ends of cylinder – GE/GEZ Series

Wind Mills

GAZ...Series angular contact

Fork Lifts

Steering Axel, Drag Link, & King Pin on steering assemblies – GE/GEZ Series

Tilt Cylinders guiding the forward/backward movement of the mast – GEZ Series

Textile Industry Extractors

Suspension rods (misalignment) – GE Series

Overhead Carrier

Eyebolt – GEZ & GAZ...SA angular contact

Chain Conveyor

Chain Link top plates – GEZ

Chain Link anchor plates (thrust loads) – GAZ...SA

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